"This, then, is the great humanistic and historical task of the oppressed: to liberate themselves and their oppressors as well." – Paulo Freire

eXOspACES is a sublime, Cyberpunk-inspired collection of abstract digital videos and sound art pieces that express my angst about current trends in technology.

Based on remixing my best jet-fighter gameplay and solo jazz improvisations on electric bass, eXOspACES is a culturally-relevant, abstract multimedia collection of scalable, adaptable, and customizable, digital art projections that participants are encouraged to manipulate using settings such as “Loop, adjust speed, quality, brightness, volume, etc.”

Reminiscent of the upbeat, synthetic textures of arcades and roller rinks, awe-inspiring planetariums, and dynamic liquid/laser light shows from my youth, eXOspACES offers the reader-writer an ominous, albeit nostalgic, look at the frightening times we face in the Information/Digital/Computer Age. And, as a hand-picked selection of “lossy” new media, its uncanny obsolescence evokes the sublime by echoing environments akin to the pre-Oedipal wombs of the past like caves, cathedrals, and cinemas.